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Do these 3 Es for a successful fourth E

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Have you ever been forced to stop working or following your passion/hobby due to health issues?

If not, I would love to know how did you achieve it? (Please share it in the comments)

But if yes, you’re part of the majority.

What will be your response to – “What is the backbone of your body?”

Don’t be surprised. Everyone knows it is the spinal cord. And a strong spinal cord is essential for a healthy and active body.

What will be your response to – “How strong is your backbone?”

Can you answer it with surety and confidence?

Think about it - How long can you actively work on your business or in your personal life with a weak spinal cord? Not for long. And still, it is the most ignored & carelessly used part of our body.

As a passionate motorcycle rider & a working professional – two things were constantly putting a lot of pressure on my spinal cord. The wrong posture while working, and riding for a long time without taking brakes. As we sit for long hours working in the office or at home (WFH), unknowingly we slip into the wrong postures, putting a lot of pressure on our spinal cord. Similarly, during long rides, we tend to unnecessarily push ourselves to continue riding for long distances without taking breaks, ignoring signs of discomfort from our bodies. While the roads are getting better, a motorcyclist gets a direct hit on the spinal cord during a ride due to potholes, bad roads and speed breakers. Even the best shock absorbers cannot eliminate these shocks.

The impact of all this was severe stiffness in the cervical vertebrae and pain in the lower back. I was forced to stop working, riding a motorcycle or any vehicle for over 4 weeks, which not only impacted my health but the business also. Not to mention the financial impact, it had on me. The doctor warned me, that if not treated thoroughly, it will have a lifelong impact on my body and on its structural strength to function normally. Even I may need to undergo surgery to fix the cervical vertebrate. But luckily the issue was detected at an early stage. I had to go through multiple physiotherapy sessions & stop riding or travelling for the same period to recover completely.

The realisation – ignorance is bliss - no it is not - certainly not in this case. Ignoring bad habits adversely impacts the strength of the spinal cord. This led to changes in daily routine and motorcycle riding posture and hygiene.

Most entrepreneurs, employees & even homemakers tend to ignore the need to care for the spinal cord and end up developing severe back pain and other ailments. I was also a part of the same community, however, a timely realisation saved me from an irrecoverable spinal cord injury.

So, in the context of your professional life or business - what is your answer to – “What is the backbone of your professional life/business?”

Whether it’s a spicy burger, sanitisers, automobile spare parts, real estate, SaaS or any other products and services, the key objective of businesses is to make money. Without paying customers, any business will collapse in no time. But the backbone of your business is your health (the strength of your spinal cord). Because without you nothing will move. Every organization – a Startup or an Established business is run by humans and having good health is key to the success of the organization they are working for. Therefore, neither ignore your health nor your team members.

A healthy backbone is everything for my body or my business.

The 3 things that are helping me in strengthening my spinal cord, and contributing to my professional & personal success.

1. Energy:

  • Always maintain your bodily energy. Keep yourself warm. Take walks, stretch yourself, do some light exercises like shaking your legs, and arms, circular movement of your head etc.

  • Consume only balanced, nutritious diets. Walk for some time after a meal.

  • Avoid heavy junk food, aerated drinks and alcohol.

  • Eat regularly at disciplined times. Drink sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Exercise:

  • Physical exercise - Start your day with any exercise – Yog, Pranayam, Walking, Cycling, Running, Swimming, Dancing or any physical warming-up activity. And if not possible in the morning, do it in the evening. I play badminton or do Pranayam every morning.

  • Be calm but active throughout the day – Pranayam is helping me.

  • Mental exercise - Read during the day to learn and before sleep to relax.

3. Ergonomics:

  • Watch your posture at all times - I sit upright on a chair with proper lumbar support.

  • Correct your form when you stand, sit, relax, travel, and lift weights – I listen to music, check social media updates, watch YouTube, walk and stretch many times while working and during non-working time.

  • Ensure your mattress, work desk, and mode of transport suit your back.

  • Stretch yourself regularly for better blood circulation.

Do these three Es to be a successful fourth E – Efficiency in your Entrepreneurship/Employment.


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