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8 out of every 10 companies will be out of business in the next 1 to 2 years because they are not able to scale up their sales operations after initial success. 


We have helped startups & companies like yours build high-performing sales operations!
We'll design a sales strategy, implement it, build high-performing sales operations, and get you stellar results.

Client's Experience

Client's Experience 


Mr VIJAY KORKE, CEO, PartsCity Ltd.

Jayant was hired as the sales & marketing consultant with Parts City Private Ltd in February 2021 and later appointed as Chief Marketing Officer in December 2021 to design and implement the S&M strategy. He was reporting to me during this assignment. He achieved nearly 45% growth in sales revenue and increased profit margins from 2.3% to 3% in a short time. He built an effective sales & and operations team at Parts City, which will continue to deliver great performances in the future. It was a wonderful experience working with him. I wish him all the best.

Valued Clients

Valued Clients

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B2B SaaS Sales Successfully established sales operations in new markets & grew sales revenue by 45%.

PartsCity Logo.jpg

B2B Marketplace for 2 & 3 wheelers auto spare parts Grew sales revenue by 50% & profit margins from 2.15% to 3% within 6 months.

SeckureIT Logo.jpg

Cyber Security Certification Distribution Network Designed a sales strategy, and established sales operations from scratch.

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Institute of Real Estate & Finance Teaching sales & marketing to engineer graduates. 


Mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs Mentoring young graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Retail Shop Brand Building Digital marketing to build brand presence and lead generation.


Edu-tech Startup Presenter and Subject Matter Expert in Sales & Marketing.


Integrated Facilty Management Services KASH analysis, feedback and sales training to the sales team.

Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach, my clients have managed to get the results they sought from my consulting services.


Take a look at specific growth-oriented services I provide and contact me today.

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