Setting up the complete sales operation at a fractional cost of traditional methods.

Refining the existing sales & digital marketing strategy or design a new one.

Enhance selling skills, soft skills, & communication skills of your sales team and employees.

Deploy the right tools & technology for improving operational efficiency.

We provide all of them and more to increase your customer acquisition, sales revenue, and profitability.

Because Your success is our priority.

Sales as a Service (SaaS)

You focus on your core business and large picture (product & service development, delivery process & policies, and scaling up plan), while we take care of building your sales operations.

Sales Strategy Consulting

A comprehensive sales strategy produces an accelerated growth in sales numbers & revenue, market share, cash flow, and contributing to the overall profitability in the most economically.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital marketing plays a vital role in brand awareness & reach, customer education & lead generation through effective Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing.

Sales Training

Sharpen the selling skills of your sales team for higher productivity and growing revenues. Recharge & Re-skill your sales team during lockdown to perform at their best in the post lockdown market situation.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are one of the biggest contributors to personal and professional success. While hard skills help you get the job done, soft skills help you enhance productivity from those efforts.

Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is one the most important tool of every successful leader. Overcome the fear of public speaking – Vocal, Verbal, Visual. Be a speaker, everybody would love to listen.

Why Choose Us

We are on a mission to create great and inspiring success stories of startups, entrepreneurs & businesses.

Investing our experiential knowledge, skills, and proven methods for creating some of the most economical, effective & bespoke Sales & Digital Marketing strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

The vision is to contribute to creating successful entrepreneurs & generate employment for fellow citizens to build rich & prosperous Atmanirbhar Bharat (आत्मनिर्भर भारत).

Sales Fundas Rich Experience

Rich Experience

Over 20+ years of experience in designing & implementing strategies, and achieving amazing business results in different industries and market conditions.


Sales Fundas Sales & Marketing results. Delivered.

Certified Knowledge

Certified by various leading organizations in Sales & Digital Marketing, B2B Sales, Inbound Sales, Sales Training, Soft Skills Training.


Sales Fundas Security

100% Secure

Confidentiality and Integrity are top priority business ethics for us. Your information is 100% secured with us.


Sales Fundas Sales & Marketing results. Delivered.

Long term Association

We believe in long term association for greater success and mutually beneficial relationship.


Our Clients


Don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say


It's a privilege to be connected with Mr. Jayant Kelkar, an expert in the Business Canvas Planning and Sales & Marketing Strategy. His vast experience and knowledge in Sales and Marketing have helped many budding entrepreneurs & Startups to build an efficient sales strategy for their businesses. He is of great help to various Programs and Initiatives towards Entrepreneurship Development. Looking forward to a great long-term association with him.
Sales Fundas Testimonials
Amol Nitave
CEO & Founder, EvolvingX
I am glad I joined Sandbox workshop by Mr. Jayant Kelkar. This workshop helped many of us look at Sales & Marketing as a structured program, unlike how we used to manage it. During the workshop, we formulated sales strategy for our own businesses, based on easy inputs and formats he uses in his consulting profession. These strategies were later reviewed by Mr. Jayant that gave us deeper insight & practical understanding of a sales strategy. I recommend you to approach him for building new or fine tuning your existing Sales & Marketing strategy for faster growth.
Sales Fundas Testimonials
Nisarg Udeshi
Founder, Facexyz (a SaaS product)
It was my pleasure to attend the Sandbox workshop conducted by Mr. Jayant Kelkar on Sales Strategy for Entrepreneurs. A flawless senior sales Industry professional with decades of experience, with mind blowing ideas & strategies he taught us to implement during this workshop. We really enjoyed the Sales Strategy workshop and there is much to learn from him. He delivered a complex subject with ease and presented in a simple & engaging way to make concepts clear with some fun activities too. We would like to have more of his sessions in the coming days. We wish Mr. Jayant all the best.
Sales Fundas Testimonials
Padmasree Barbora
Founder Director, Brightlybee
I personally know Jayant from the last year and he has started training and teaching our students in marketing and sales since then. Students are very happy about the method and approach Jayant uses to give examples and connect them to real estate business scenarios. Jayant’s knowledge and approach to explaining complex subjects with the live case study are just phenomenal and that helps students to relate and learn fast in class. We wish Jayant all the best his in is professional endeavours.
Sales Fundas Testimonials
Abhay Kumar
Programme Director, Institute of Real Estate & Finance