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Achieve Zero to 2cr ARR & PMF Faster

When starting a business, your first urge is to raise funds, focus on your product, and determine how you want to position your business in the market. While each of these matters, the initial importance of sales cannot be overstated.

You need clients to get your business off the ground. And you must sell to gain clients.

Founders usually fall into the trap of thinking that increasing the number of salespeople will inevitably increase sales. However, it can be exceedingly challenging for salespeople to close deals without the founder if they haven't gone through a repeatable process and haven't achieved product-market fit.


Prospects often include the founder's voice to understand the company's mission. The founder hired salesmen to free up time for other tasks, but their presence is still necessary to close deals, which causes frustration.


But why is founder-led sales so important, and why should you focus on them?


  1. Faster PMF You get direct firsthand feedback from the customers. This feedback is the most important part of achieving the PMF as early as possible. 

  2. Customer-Centricity - Selling to your customer lets you empathize with their pain points and understand what is important to them.

  3. Validate & match ICP - It is easy and faster to understand and check your Ideal Customer Profile.

  4. Better Buying process - Since you are selling & acquired clients, you know the buying process, the correct product pricing and the effect of your marketing initiatives.

  5. Building Sales Operations - You will develop a better understanding and ways to build your sales operations. Recruit the most suitable salespeople, and provide them with the best technology, tools and processes to perform at their best.


Sales-focused founders get knowledge about the relationship between their value proposition, potential consumers, and their product in addition to learning how to sell. You are perfecting the sales pitch (i.e., the narrative's communication) as well as the actual product through the founder-led sales process. By carrying out founder-led sales, your startup will not only be able to attract customers, but it will also be able to create a process that can be packaged up and used again in a scalable sales process.


Founder-led sale is an important step of the scaling journey, often overlooked in favour of hiring sales leaders as soon as possible. But there is a lot to be learned during this stage, and if you establish a strong playbook early on, it will make it much easier to scale predictably. 


If you are starting or between the Zero to 2 Cr ARR stage and looking to scale up your sales, then give me a call. Let’s explore possibilities & get the benefits mentioned above & more.


Click for more details on Founder-led Sales Coaching & Consulting Benefits


​Let's get to your 2Cr ARR &PMF faster.

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