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A regularly trained and skilled sales team consistently creates fantastic success stories for the organization. Is your sales team creating these stories? If yes, congratulations. But if not, it’s time to upgrade their selling skills.
In a highly competitive business environment, specifically in the post lockdown situation, a highly skilled sales team has not only generates high performance but also provides an unbeatable advantage over the competition. All of us know that to remain sharp and productive, our sales team needs to be active, motivated, and trained regularly. And this has certainly not happened in the last six months due to the lockdown. Staying away from the playground can adversely impact the top athletes. And that is why the first thing they did after the lockdown lifted, is to start practicing to build the stamina and mindset for winning the race.
The same applies to our sales teams. They also need to be re-trained and re-skilled to get back into the winning mode and start delivering better sales performance than before. Our specially designed training programs for post lockdown market situations will help your sales team to recharge, learn the skills to connect, engage, and close the prospect.

Better Sales Figures Begin With Better Salesperson

Not able to convert the leads into customers? Or wish you were selling more? It could be the result of today’s savvy customers, but just as likely, it’s your outdated techniques. As the customers find it easy to block out salespersons, new prospecting skills and techniques have emerged to overcome this challenge. The good news is: we can help create the salespeople of today and tomorrow.
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Sales Fundas Advantage

Most sales training programs conveniently ignore one glaring fact: There is no one-size-fits-all message, approach, or salesperson type. Buying behaviors of the customers are highly dynamic in nature. They keep evolving with time and the availability of information. And our research shows that using the same approach for every conversation will hurt your chances of winning the deal. You won’t win over your prospects and customers by using the same selling skills for every interaction. Instead, you need to enable your team to stay situationally fluent and tailor their approach for each conversation in the Customer Deciding Journey.
Following is the basic framework of training programs to address, understand, and accelerate:
Pre-training: need analysis – current status, priority topics, alignment of personal goals with the organization’s goals, understanding of the sales strategy, current mindset, current challenges, knowledge on product & services, understand your customers.
Training: develop a customized training program and calendar to address each priority aspect, thoughtfully design & facilitation, alignment with the sales process.
Post-training: Follow-up calendar for post-training support for a minimum of three months.
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