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Sales Team Recruitment – Often delayed & unplanned activity by Startups & SMBs.

How much ever, the technology-driven business, we build, the role of the salespersons continues to be one of the most critical roles for the business success and exponential growth. Let us look at some of the challenges Startups and SMBs face while recruiting and building their sales team and the possible solutions:

No one knows you:

Branding and brand awareness in the market plays a role in attracting suitable candidates to your job postings and openings in the organization. Most of the salespersons prefer to join and work with well-known brands in the market. Brand awareness makes the life of the sales team easy.

Brand building

Recommended Solution: ‘Attracting the sales talent’ must be one of the objectives of the branding and brand awareness initiatives. Build your message that attracts the sales talent in the market. It will build a passive talent pool in the market, looking forward to a suitable job opening in your organization. Participate in industry forums to get connected with them. Build a network of the best recruitment agencies with experience in recruitment in your industry. Ask for referrals, follow industry best performers, arrange contests and events and invite the best talent to participate. Doing all these things will keep you ready for recruitment when needed by having access to the talent pool, the cost of recruitment, and average joining period.

Less money to offer:

Salary Structure

Top sales talent comes with a higher price tag. Startups and SMBs do not have enough funds on hand or budgeted for sales recruitment. They want to hire top talent with the least remuneration (payout). It is a tough challenge to pass through without proper planning and process-driven recruitment.

Recommended Solution: ‘Compensation structure’ plays a crucial role in attracting the right & the best talent while recruiting for your organization. There are various compensation structures available to help you navigate through this challenge. Do industry research for different compensation structures, including those where your targeted talent pool is currently employed.

Do not have the Salesperson persona:

Most Startups and SMBs fail to define the ideal salesperson for their business that can be highly successful in their business environment. That leads to unplanned and unsuitable recruitment. Eventually, resulting in a low-performing sales team and business failure.

Recommended Solution: As defined an ideal customer persona important for Sales & Marketing strategy, defining the desired salesperson persona for your product/services is for your sales recruitment plan. Define all the characteristics, selling skills, industry experience, soft skills, hard skills, and compensation structure. Define the desired profile, job description, and other expectations. Having clarity about the candidates to all the stakeholders of the recruitment process helps in hiring the most suitable candidates at many levels – Organisation, interviewing managers, and the recruitment agency.

Do not have reliable resources for recruitment:

Recruitment Agency

Most Startups and SMBs do not engage with recruitment agencies & other resources unless they need to recruit a sales team. They do not focus on engaging and building a talent pool for future recruitment needs. Make them engage with any recruitment agency, irrespective they have expertise in industry recruitment or not.

Recommended Solution: Start connecting with recruitment agencies from the industry that have successfully placed good candidates in other organizations. Proactive action on this aspect of the business requirement will speed up the quality recruitment.

Short on time:


The time crunch is a paramount concern for startups & SMBs. They cannot afford to leave some positions open for months when trying to go to higher orbits of sales and business revenue. Knowing this, they must plan their recruitment well in advance. 

Recommended Solution: Internal opening and employee referral programs are great tools during urgent recruitment. They are fast, cost-effective, and increase the probability of filling the position with the most suitable candidates.

Sales team recruitment is one of the most crucial activities for every Startup & SMB. Do not ignore or delay it. Building your sales team with a recruitment plan will help you recruit the right talent despite the challenges mentioned above. The sales team recruitment plan must be part of the overall Sales Strategy of the organization. If done, it can put your Startup or SMB on an exponential growth path. But if not, it will be a revenue leakage point, leaving the organization, with no funds for other activities.

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