Sales Team Recruitment

Sales team recruitment is not a pray and spray activity.

Three most frequent questions I am asked during my interactions and consulting to startup founders and SMB owners:

  1. When is the right time to start recruiting salespeople?
  2. What is the recruitment process for hiring the best salespeople?
  3. How to find out and reach the right (most suitable) candidates?

Are you also facing these and other challenging questions regarding your sales operation? You may find their answers here.

It is difficult to recommend a perfect time to start recruiting. But as a founder or a business owner, first, you must initiate the recruitment activity as per the recruitment plan in your sales strategy. 

However, if it is not there, you must immediately design your sales strategy, which will answer all your questions about sales operation.

Unfortunately, most of the founders and business owners start recruiting their sales team without having a recruitment plan & a sales strategy in place. It leads to a wrong recruitment process and recruitment of wrong-salespeople in the organization. Eventually you get stuck in the vicious hire and fire cycle. 

Therefore, the importance of  having a Sales Strategy before you start recruiting cannot be emphasized enough.

To exhibit the strong connection between the Sales Strategy and the sales team recruitment, let me share the components of a sales strategy:

  1. Target Markets and Customer Segmentation
  2. Buying Personas and Influences
  3. Channel Strategy
  4. Sales/Customer-Buying Process
  5. Sales Message and Your Value Proposition
  6. Revenue Growth Strategies
  7. Performance Metrics
  8. Sales Compensation

These components of a sales strategy have a sales recruitment plan integrated into them.

When is the right time to start recruiting salespeople?

The best time is as per the sales team recruitment plan of your sales strategy. The second best time is when you get the first thought or feeling that you’re finding it difficult to manage your core business responsibilities and increase sales numbers and revenue. But again, a word of caution – however burning desire you may feel for recruitment of salespeople, do it only when you have a comprehensive recruitment plan in place. This plan will ensure faster and best quality recruitment for your organization.


What is the recruitment process for hiring the best salespeople?


Design a comprehensive recruitment process that includes the following:

  • Define the ideal sales manager persona (work experience, industry exposure, educational qualification, relevant sales process knowledge – B2B, B2C, B2G).
  • Soft & Hard skills required to gel with the  culture of your organization seamlessly and start performing the job role as fast as possible.
  • Describe the job role in detail.
  • Define the interview process – structured way of asking questions to help you & the candidate have the best experience during the interview.
  • The questions you ask help you evaluate the candidate’s suitability for the job role.
  • Provide an opportunity & encourage the candidates to ask questions. The questions they ask provide a lot of insights about their personality, mindset, priorities, and plans.

How to find out and reach the right (most suitable) candidates?

There are multiple platforms available to reach out to suitable candidates. Some of the most effective and popular ones are-

  • Professional networking platforms- these platforms have many features that makes recruitment easy- availability of job seekers, job postings are recommended to suitable candidates, genuine profiles and direct connect with the most suitable candidates. Some of the social networking platforms also provide recruitment services.
Sales person
  • Employee referrals: there many benefits of this method – economical, fast, & better quality candidates.
  • Recruitment portals, recruitment agencies. For more details on this, please read Sales Team Recruitment 

High performing Sales team building is a process-driven activity that every Startup and SMB must undertake in a planned manner.

I recognize and understand that most startup founders and SMB owners find it tough to do this with the resources (time and priorities) at hand. And therefore, I offer my expertise to help you take care of these challenges at a fractional cost.

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