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“Sales as a service” is a unique service we offer. It is one of the most effective solutions for Startups looking to build their sales operations from scratch and organizations looking to overhaul their sales operations. You’d love to find a full-time Head of Sales to turn the team over to, but how do you justify the added payroll expense without the added sales? We bring years of experience overcoming tough sales challenges in different fields of business. This wide experience brings new strategies toward achieving your specific sales goals.
We don’t give you more work to do. We build the sales plan, conduct interviews, recruit, provide necessary training, and execute the sales plan. We will lead your sales efforts and get the business to the point that a full-time Head of Sales makes sense operationally and financially. We will build a future leadership team from the existing team or help you recruit the right person to lead the sales operations and exit. We create a high performing sales culture for startups and established companies that allow business owners and C-level executives the ability to focus on higher priorities and competencies.
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How Do We Deliver ?

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First Four Weeks

  • Assess your current sales situation
  • Review findings with leadership
  • Develop a sales business plan
  • Review / fine-tune the plans
  • Identify any personnel changes necessary
  • Review, select or customize CRM
  • Create key performance metrics, reporting structure, and process.

Fifth Week Onwards

  • Weekly sales meeting
  • Individual performance review
  • Identify & build best practices and reiterate them
  • Training calendar for sales team members
  • Conduct leadership identification and development programs
  • Forecast future revenue
  • Recruit and build the sales team
  • Joint sales call to observe the team in real-time
  • Provide necessary corrective action
  • Create a culture of high performance & sales excellence
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We focus on building long-term high-performance-oriented sales operations that propel the growth of the organization.

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