Sales rejection

Become Rejection Proof in Sales

No other professional faces rejections more than sales professionals during their lifetime. And if taken personally (as most sales professionals do during their early days in sales), it can severely dent their motivation and desire to do more, create stress, and make them quit the wonderful and most rewarding world of sales. Fear of rejection […]

Sales Team Recruitment

Sales team recruitment is not a pray and spray activity.

Three most frequent questions I am asked during my interactions and consulting to startup founders and SMB owners: When is the right time to start recruiting salespeople? What is the recruitment process for hiring the best salespeople? How to find out and reach the right (most suitable) candidates? Are you also facing these and other […]

Sales Fundas CRM blog

Oh, you want me to update CRM instead of selling?

Sounds familiar? Are you implementing CRM software or any other sales operation automation software, then be prepared for such responses? You are done with your exhaustive research, comparing different options, and selecting the most suitable CRM or sales automation software for your sales team. You are excited about the implementation and the benefits you will […]

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