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Become Rejection Proof in Sales

No other professional faces rejections more than sales professionals during their lifetime. And if taken personally (as most sales professionals do during their early days in sales), it can severely dent their motivation and desire to do more, create stress, and make them quit the wonderful and most rewarding world of sales.

Fear of rejection is among the top phobias humans have. It stems from our survival instinct of thousands of years. During the early days, humans stayed together in groups to avoid being killed & eaten by powerful predators. Occasionally, when someone was rejected as a group member and left to fend for themselves, they did not survive for long. This real-life experience has taught us that being rejected can put our survival in danger. And this fear of rejection has stayed with humans until now. So, the fear of rejection is quite old and still very real in our minds, even if we are no longer worried about being eaten alive.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I am sure you must have heard this powerfully inspiring quote. If you look back, you will realize that you have not only listened to this quote, but have also experienced it many times during your life. Every time you have faced a challenging situation, you have fought and come out of it stronger than before. But if you face rejections day in and day out, it is not easy to keep fighting and staying on top of your performance for a long time.

If you are in sales, you cannot avoid rejections. But there are ways to kill this fear and become Rejection proof in sales.

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In Sales - Rejection is Not Personal

Personal Rejection

The core of sales success is the ability to solve the problem faced by your prospective customer. As suggested by Zig Ziglar – Every sale has five main obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust. The prospect is evaluating information provided (proposed solution) by you on these five parameters. Any one or more, if not satisfied, can contribute to a decision that is not in favour of your proposed solution.

The prospect is not rejecting you, but the solution, as it has not satisfied one or more of the above parameters. 

Hence, instead of taking the rejection personally, take it as the message from the prospect. Maybe the information provided by you is not enough for them to decide in favour of your solution.

Make every rejection is a learning activity:

If you learn to use your rejections to enhance your understanding of the buying process of your prospective customers, you will become successful faster than anyone. After getting no from the prospect, make it a practice to understand the reason. Ask why, and you will learn a lot about your sales process, products and services, your buyers, and more. These are some of the most precious learning you will get in the field, which you can never get in any classroom training. Sometimes it can create another opportunity for you to redesign your solution and take another chance of closing the sale.

Ask why

I have seen this happen with me during my sales life more than I had expected it to happen. There are many rejections by prospects that were converted into a yes by simply asking why.

Laugh it Off and move on

When we get rejected, our brains release an opioid similar to the release, we have when we experience physical pain, and the same is released when we laugh.

Develop the skill of finding fun and humour in every situation, especially in rejections.

If we can find humour and allow us to laugh it off, we not only get the dose of feel-good endorphins but also reduces the pain of being rejected.

It Is A Numbers Game

Sales is a numbers game, period. More prospects mean less fear of rejection. One of the main reasons for fear of rejection in sales is having a few prospects in the pipeline to achieve the sales target.
The more prospects you have in the pipeline, the less stressful you feel about being rejected and the higher the chance of getting a yes. You also get better at persuasion, learning what is working and what is not, knowing your customer expectations, and what is valuable for them. All this not only makes you a better salesperson, but also reduces the possibility of rejection.

I coach salespeople and tell them to keep notes of all the learnings. Keeping a record builds a tool kit for your success in sales. If you don’t know what works & what doesn’t, how will you create repeatable, sustainable, and scalable sales processes?

I have a passion for helping Startups & SMBs build their high-performing sales operations. None of them can become successful without having profitable sales operations. When revenues thrive, everyone grows. Selling, when done correctly, it brings great satisfaction to both parties. It is not just the solution you offer, but also the experience your prospect had while accepting, acquiring, and applying your solution to solve their problem. Sales professionals are one of the most sought-after experts in the world. Almost every business needs them, and it is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. Let’s do it ethically, respectfully, and happily.

If you would like to learn more, build a high-performing sales operation for your Startup or an established enterprise, connect with me through the link shared below.

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